Save with a non-profit discount: Software

Save with a non-profit discount: Software

As mentioned in the previous non-profit discount post on Email Marketing Vendors, there are numerous ways to save if you’re a non-profit, with valid 501(c)(3) documentation.  We even give a special discounted rate for non-profits and churches.

This week, I’ll touch on software savings. This is where a huge bite can be taken out of a budget. Not a pretty thing to look at the licensing costs of using higher-end software for your day-to-day tasks. In an upcoming post, I’ll cover several free or low-cost alternatives to these products, which will save even more money for you in the long run.

I need to address something right off the bat, though. You may be tempted to either use a version of these software products you found “free to download” off of a site on line. Please don’t give in to that. Not only would you be opening yourself up to all sorts of legal tangles, but the potential viruses, spyware, malicious code, etc. that can be placed (very easily) on those “free downloads” will make your life a living nightmare in the days to come. Believe me. You do not want to do that.

Graphics and Web Tools
Adobe (
THE master class of software. I use it every day, and can’t imaging life without it. Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Bridge…all the software that comes in the Adobe Creative Suite package are insanely valueable… and insanely expensive. The discount given by Adobe is hefty – 40% – but the transaction MUST be processed by an Authorized Non-Profit/Education Reseller. That basically means, don’t buy it off Craigslist.

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Filemaker (
The makers of Bento and Filemaker database products, give a great 40% off discount, as well to 501(c)(3)

The software giant gives a nice discount on a selection of products, even if you are located over seas. While not as expansive as Adobe or other software manufacturers, they still recognize the benefit in reaching out to non-profits with their products.
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