Church Tech Blog

“Hopefully, this blog will reflect the years of experience I’ve had working in the church tech field on church and ministry staff, design agencies, corporate environment, and as a freelance consultant. I am by no means an “expert” (those who give themselves that title often think a bit too highly of themselves and their advice), but I prefer to speak from the perspective of my experience. If you have a topic you would like me to cover on my blog, please don’t hesitate to ask – use this form to request that. If you’ve found any topic I’ve covered to be of use (or if you disagree), feel free to comment on the post.” – Bryan ChalkerFounder and Lead Designer, Bleedingtree LLC.

I’ll try to deal with a variety of topics: church web design, to church tech and church mediaproduct reviewsbest practices for church web designencouragement in the ministry tech fieldsways to save money as a non-profit and ministry, as well as straight-forward common sense approaches to web design and development. Please feel free to share this blog to family, friends, and co-workers…anyone who might benefit from a little design and tech advice.

Incorporate icon fonts into your icon creation workflow

I love creating icons. Colorful and vibrant, with nice little transparencies and details. They can be beautiful and effective navigational elements, as well as visual breaks in heavy text areas. It’s hard to think of a project which wouldn’t benefit by using them properly. The traditional icons don’t always fit the need, though. Sometimes you […]

Save with a non-profit discount: Email Marketing Vendors

Churches and other 501(c)(3) non-profits have a unique need for discounts. As their name implies…they are not out to make a profit. They do not survive from a recurring source of income provided by products and services. They are a charitable-focused entity. I personally love the fact that they’re given tax breaks and money-saving opportunities. I even give a hourly discount on design and dev work I do for church and non-profit projects.

Email newsletters are not webpages…or kickin’ it old school.

I love designing web pages and web sites. It’s a wonderful process that involves wrapping the latest technologies together with creative ideas and design. Who doesn’t love that combination. Well apparently Microsoft, Google, and the rest of the motley bunch of email client creators. The are firmly “stuck in the 90s”. You need to lobotomize your web approach, to remove all those pesky standards that guide your web designs.